Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Makeup Palettes and Remembering Kristina Calco

Hello everyone! Didn't I promise that I would be back today with another blog post?? My posts are going to be set up a little differently from here on out. I'm not staying very truthful to my blog name...I'm talking about a lot of beauty, but where's the justice?? I've decided to change my posts by splitting them up into two different sections: Beauty and Justice; with those two sections featuring something different every time. I'm excited and I hope you are too!

Let's start with...


Since Christmas is right around the corner, and most of you are buying gifts or making Christmas lists for yourself, I wanted to feature some Limited Edition makeup palettes that are off the chaaiiiin. I'll also be featuring a makeup palette that isn't limited edition, but would make an insanely cute gift for you or someone else. I own all of these, except for the Tarte palette. Here's to hoping I receive it as a present! Let's go!

1. Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette

This set contains:
16 eyeshadows
2 blushes
2 bronzers
1 highlighter
1 Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
1 exclusive double-ended brush
3 Get-the-Look cards
A $381 value for ONLY $52!!
Haven't tried anything yet, but Too Faced is an extremely trusted brand and you get so much for your money!

2. Sephora Favorites In the Glow Set

This set contains:
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Laura Mercier Golden Mosaic
Benefit High Beam
Bare Minerals Pure Radiance All Over Color
Lorac Perfectly Lit
Tarte Glisten Amazonian Blush
Stila Peony Convertible Blush
Tarte Flush Cheekstain
(all sample sizes)
A $111 value for ONLY $45!! 
This set is an AMAZING way to try high-end face products! Even though they're samples, these will last a long time...until you can afford the real size! This would be a perfect gift for someone just getting into makeup that wants to try high-end brands. Sephora is also offering other Favorites sets for fragrance, eyeliner, and mascara so check out those as well!

3. Tarte Carried Away Collector's Set

This set contains:
Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Adventurous
Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
Eight Maracuja Lipglosses
Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4-in-1 Mascara
Face Brush
24 Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows
Adventurer Bag
A $512 value for ONLY $54
The only bad thing? It's sold out online. BUT, for people in my area, it is still available at Twelve Oaks Mall and Somerset Mall! This set makes me DROOL. It is an insane value, and if you've been wanting to try Tarte like me, this will be the perfect gift.

4. theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

This palette contains:
12 eyeshadows
1 highlighter
1 blush
2 creamy lip/cheek stains
$39.50 at Birchbox's website. Not sure why it's not sold on theBalm anymore.
This is the non-limited edition product that I'm featuring. theBalm is known for their clever packaging and this palette is no exception. You have three sets of eyeshadows broken up into sections, "Heavy Metal", "Classical", and "Alternative" with cute shadow names like "Third-Eye Blinded", and "Alice Copper". This offers a great range of fall/winter shades, and would make a great and eye-catching gift!

That sums up the makeup palettes! Happy shopping!

Now for...


I'm always talking about makeup, but I never talk about being beautiful on the INSIDE just as much as on the outside. Not many people have both kinds of beauty, but Kristina Calco did. I portray her story in The Bullycide Project. Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of her death. Go here to read about who she was, and why she eventually ended her life at the age of 15.

Through her death, we can learn so much:
1. To be NICE...even if the favor isn't always returned
2. To TELL SOMEONE...if you or someone you know are going through dark days and tough times. Please seek never have to go through anything alone.
3. To LOVE YOURSELF...inside and out, no matter what people say. In the end, all we have is ourselves, so we must have respect for our minds and bodies. Don't let someone who doesn't know the first thing about you, shape your opinion of who you are.

Learn and live all of these lessons every single day. You will help others, save lives, and make your own piece of the world a little bit better. Do it for Kristina, do it for yourself.

Love you all,

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