Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Newest "Go-to" Blog


Let's be real: THIS IS THE SCARIEST THING EVER. Creating a blog I mean. I've got writer's block already.

In July, I started working as a Beauty Advisor for Estee Lauder (coolest job ever by the way. seriously.) All of a sudden I became OBSESSED with makeup, skincare, and beauty products. Like spend five hours straight on the Internet watching makeup YouTube videos obsessed. I seriously can't believe the monster I've bcome. Then I got to thinking...I could do that! I've bought so much makeup in the past few months that I could probably start my own drugstore. But instead of competing with Walgreens, (the best place on Earth) I decided to blog, post reviews, and share my love for these products I've been trying.

random fact: I am involved in a traveling theatre company that performs in schools across the country and even in Canada (eh). Our show is called The Bullycide Project and features stories about bullying, depression, and suicide. We have been featured on CNN, CBS 48 Hours, and we were invited to perform at the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit in September 2011. I thought it would be cool to share my experiences with that on my blog as well. Hence the name,

Beauty and Justice For All.

I absolutely cannot wait to get started! Stay tuned for my very first review: Covergirl's NEW Clump Crusher Mascara!

Until then,

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