Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Philosophy Amazing Grace Gift Set

Hey everybody!! I hope all of you had a great day back at school/work. My day didn't go by too slowly, so I guess I can't complain!

Today I decided to talk to you guys about some stuff that I received for Christmas, and to start reviewing some of those items! My main beauty-related gift was a $100 Sephora gift card from my parents, which I have yet to use, so once that happens I'll be able to do my Christmas/Sephora Haul! I also received the Amazing Grace gift set by Philosophy from my parents after they saw how much I loved the fragrance...I'll be reviewing that today! I also received a gift set from Lush from my wonderful boyfriend, and a few e.l.f products from his parents! Still testing those out...I'll review them soon!

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Ok let's get started...

This gift set comes with an 8 fl oz bottle of the shampoo/bath/shower gel, a 2 fl oz bottle of the eau de toilette spray, and a 2 oz bottle of the body butter. I feel that everything is a decent size except the body butter...maybe I'm going a little hog wild with it, but I've only used it about 3 times and I'm already running out.

I've already reviewed the shampoo/bath/shower gel (still love it), so I'll move onto the eau de toilette and body butter. You know how sometimes the lotion and spray of the same fragrance smell totally different? That is SO not the case with this gift set. Everything is extremely true to the fragrance. Normally eau de toilette's don't last as long on the skin as a full-fledged perfume, but with the body butter on under it, I didn't have to reapply for at least 5 hours. The body butter is decent; it has a creamy texture without feeling greasy. I don't recommend using it if you have dry skin during these months, because this is purely about the fragrance and not skin benefits. Overall, I feel that this is a very cohesive and well-sized gift set! This is also an amazing value...I'll break it down for you:
Shampoo/bath/shower gel- 8 fl oz (size in the set) is $17
Eau de toilette- 2 oz (biggest size it comes in...comes in the set!!) is $44
Body Butter- Only comes in 5 oz size (set features 2 oz size) is $28
This is a $74 value for only $49.50!!!
AVAILABLE AT: Sephora, or here.
I know the Christmas season is over, but this would make a beautiful birthday present, or even a present for yourself! ; )

Now for some Justice...

Winter is the time of year where my self-esteem goes down the tubes. I'm constantly tired, cold, lazy, pale, and I eat way too much. That's what New Year's Resolutions are for right? But those resolutions can be so hard to maintain, especially if you have a negative image of yourself, or are working towards something that might just be impossible to attain. I found this segment on NPR to be extremely interesting. They talk about a study that was conducted having to do with exercising and the images we see in magazines and on the Internet. Read all about it here.

Just remember: Resolutions may be important to you, but nothing is worth sacrificing your positive image of yourself. If your 2013 goals are doing more harm than good, maybe it's time to re-think them. Take care of yourself!

P.S. One of your resolutions could be following my blog!! ; )

Sorry for the short post, but now I'm off to dinner with my boyfriend and his family to celebrate his 24th birthday!!
Until tomorrow,

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