Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: NEW! Products from Maybelline and Rimmel!

Hello everybody! I hope you all survived this insanely cold day...reminds me how much I HATE winter! The first snowfall is pretty, and then I'm done. I can't wait to get back to my tan, happy, and energized self!

Today is kind of exciting, because I'll be reviewing two brand-new drugstore products!! Let's get started:

Maybelline The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion
Maybelline Classic Eye Makeup Remover

Maybelline has a brand-new line of makeup removers called Clean Express!. The line includes the products pictured above, and also makeup-removing towelettes which I did not purchase. Let's start with the Makeup Removing Lotion:
I really like this product! It works just as well as my $20 makeup removing lotion from Estee Lauder. The formula is like a typical lotion; I just apply it all over my face using my fingers and then wipe it off with a tissue-no water necessary! My face was honestly left completely makeup-free:

The formula includes Moringa Seed extract which can help clear impurities in your skin, and my face felt moisturized after using this-not dried out!! I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a fast but effective way to wash your face!

The eye makeup remover, I did not love as much. Notice in the picture above, how the formula seems separated? Apparently, it's a dual-phase formula and you have to shake it to activate it. The first phase breaks up your eye makeup, while the second phase washes it clean (isn't that what every eye makeup remover does??). I put some on a tissue and gently wipe away my eye makeup. It says "Oil-free, the formula leaves no greasy residue" right on the bottle, but that is a lie! It feels insanely oily and greasy and leaves a film of greasy residue around your eyes! You have to rinse with warm water after using it, which only makes the remaining mascara smear all over your face again. Definitely not a fan of this product!
MY GRADE: I can't grade this as an entire line, because I haven't tried the towelettes so I will give the makeup removing lotion an A- and the eye makeup remover a D+ (my lowest grade yet!!)
AVAILABLE AT: Drugstores
PRICE: 5.99 Each (I got mine BOGO1/2OFF because I'm a Balance Rewards member, so keep an eye out for deals)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss

This lipstick is GORGEOUS you guys!!! Kate Moss has partnered with Rimmel with a lipstick line before, but this is the first matte line by Kate Moss. First of all, isn't the packaging so cute?? The line comes in five shades, I picked 107 because she is wearing it in the display and it seemed like such a rich, beautiful color. Welp, it is!! They're marketing these as "Velvety rich color, sublime comfort" and I wouldn't describe them any differently. My pictures do not do this color justice whatsoever..it is so deep and rich and VELVETY I just can't stand it! The other shades in this line range from pink to nude, so I will definitely be checking those out. They're also calling it an 8 Hour Lipstick which I would totally agree with-I only had to re-apply once and that was after eating. Love love LOVE this lipstick!! Matte lipsticks can look kind of flat, so I'll usually wear one over a lip balm, or put gloss over it-just a tip!
AVAILABLE AT: Drugstores
PRICE: I got mine for $5.49

That sums up the reviews for today!

For the Justice portion, I wanted to include a quote by Martin Luther King Jr., because I forgot to yesterday! Short, simple, and to the point...just how Justice should be!

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

Until tomorrow,

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